Media and Islam: War or Peace

Media and Islam: War or Peace

Islam, today, is the most misunderstood religion. It bears the brunt of misconceptions and hate propaganda. The powerful mass media, aligned to deceitful political and corporate interests, spreads these misconceptions virulently… worldwide.

While portraying Islam, integrity and reliability are bypassed by the media with professional charm and finesse. Wise and apt Islamic viewpoints are seldom covered in the mainstream media, whereas aberrations by a few misled Muslims are highlighted.

Muslims shouldn’t overlook the power of the media… there’s potential in every medium available these days. The message doesn’t come from the medium itself, it comes from the producer. We can change the dialogue by using the same media used to spread evil to spread Islam and to spread the truth, Insha’Allah.

The Only Way of Life
The Only Way of Life
Media and Islam: War or Peace

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