New Muslim

New Muslim

Welcome to Truth. You are blessed to have found Guidance. We are happy for you and hope to help you on your journey to contentment and fulfillment. Following the Qur’an and the Way of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) will lead to ultimate success. Now that you are Muslim, it is important to get to know and study Islam properly and with ease. We are here to provide that support through the consolidated resources on this page and this site.

We welcome you to the Only Hope from all of us.

We know how challenging this road can be, but also know that with hardship comes ease and nothing that comes easy is worth very much in life. The first step in this journey is the most important as you will require a steady base to stand on, as sometimes interacting with other Muslims can be confusing and contradictory. You will constantly find materials and Muslims that will not represent the true essence of Islam. We want to connect you to the root, the Qur’an and the way of our Prophet Muhammad SAW, so that you are able to establish that strong base and have your questions and concerns clarified in a safe space.

We welcome you to the Only Hope from all of us. The Only Way of Life.

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