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Party Of Allah (POA)

Asalamu’alaikum, Peace be with you!

I would like to begin by asking a question: How many paths can you follow in this life? The answer is two – we have two paths we can follow. What are those paths? We may say good and bad, right and wrong, truth and falsehood or the Path of Allah and the path of shaitan (satan). These are all correct answers, although for the sake of this post, we will take the last statement (Path of Allah and path of shaitan).

If we are not on Allah SWT’s path then what path are we on? Obvious, right? We would be on the path of shaitan, as there aren’t any other choices. Simply, think of it this way, if we have the choice between drinking water or drinking milk, and we don’t drink the milk, then we obviously choose to drink the water. It’s really quite straightforward.

The question that arises however is what are the requirements of being on the path of Allah and how do we know we are on it? Whatever path we choose to follow, is who’s path we are on and whose party or group we are members of. So this is where we ask ourselves, are we from the party of Allah or the party of shaitan? Previously, we learned about how Allah can be in our intellects. But what if Allah is not in our intellect? Then who is?

We will discuss ayat that tell us who the Party of Allah are and how we can become part of this group. In the Quran Allah refers to his people as believers or Mumins. The thing about the Party of Allah is that it is very exclusive, it comes with many perks and rewards, and it is a challenge to get in and seems near impossible at times, but good things don’t come easy, right? Now, the party of shaitan is the opposite. It is easy to enter,  everyone is invited in, and it’s pretty miserable and nasty once you enter. In the party of shaitan you are promised ‘freedom’ and from the outside it looks really good, but once you get in, you see that it’s actually a cesspool of the lowest kind. It’s really no where anyone wants to be.

So whose party are you interested in? Allah’s? I knew it! Well, read on to see if you have what it takes…


Asalamu’alaikum wa Rehmatulahi wa Barakatahu,

The Party Of Allah (POA) is always open to new applicants. There are a few things that are required to get into the POA. They are quite simple and you are guaranteed complete satisfaction with the outcome. Please keep in mind, students who fail to reach these requirements may be denied admission, but the decision ultimately rests with the Commander and Cheif. So, dress to impress and do your homework!

REQUIREMENTS FOR THE POA (references included):

POA is very proud to say that they are open to new students, young or old at all times. Everyone is a potential candidate and will get a fair and unbiased opportunity to join! For further information, we have provided a link to the POA Handbook (The Noble Quran) where FAQs can be answered, Insha’Allah.

If the POA student studies diligently and performs to the best of his or her ability with complete sincerity, Allah has set up a retirement plan which is generously tailored just for you. Among many other things, you will receive a free, one way ticket to Jannah (also known as Heaven) where you will never have to struggle or be tested, all your wishes will be granted, and where you can stay forever.

“Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds – they will have the Gardens of Paradise as a lodging, Wherein they abide eternally. They will not desire from it any transfer.” (The Noble Quran 18:107-108)

Not interested in the POA?

Well, there’s always the POS (party of shaytan). I’ve heard it’s easy to get in, but Hell once you get there. Application process is coming soon!

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