Towards Understanding Islam – Chapter 3 – The Prophethood

Towards Understanding Islam - Podcast
The Only Way of Life
Towards Understanding Islam - Chapter 3 - The Prophethood

This classic book was first published in 1937 by Maulana Abul A’la Maududi. It gives a comprehensive view of Islam for a meaningful and spiritually rewarding journey through this life.

In addition, it explains the rational bases of Islamic beliefs and unveils the wisdom behind the Islamic modes of worship and way of life. The aim of this book is to satisfy the intellectual cravings of Muslim youth and help non-Muslims come closer to understanding the Islamic worldview.

Originally published in Urdu, this beloved book has been translated into Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Gujrati, Sindhi, Tamil, Turkish, Japanese, and French languages. Realizing its importance for the English-speaking public, the late Dr. Abdul Ghani translated it into English in 1940. In addition, most schools and colleges of the Indo-Pak sub-continent adopted it as a textbook of theology and integrated it into their official curriculum.

  5 out of 3 stars

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