Humanity’s Only Hope

No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, no matter what you believe, this space is safe, your opinion matters, and you are always welcome here. Please stay and learn about another way of life, perhaps, the only one.


Perhaps, you are looking for a deeper perspective to life or maybe you are just curious to learn more about Islam. We want to help in this journey of self discovery.

New Muslim
New Muslim

Welcome to Truth. You are blessed to have found Guidance. We are happy for you and hope to help you on your journey to contentment and fulfillment.


Islam is a way of life and we must set priorities by seeking out how to live this blessed life by turning to the Qur’an and Sunnah. We can help, Insha’Allah.

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How Islam changing people’s lives

A New Perspective

The idea of “The Only Way of Life” came about to give a divine perspective to the  issues and questions that we all face in our daily lives. There is another choice and it isn’t difficult to understand and embrace. Islam presents a model of guidance and a road to true happiness and satisfaction. It is the only hope.

An Open Mind

“O People, We have sent down to you a Book (The Qur’an) which deals with matters concerning yourselves; why don’t you understand”. (The Noble Quran 21:10 )

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Family Life In Islam

Whether it be your wife, husband, parent, child or future prospective, these lectures will provide the basic, necessary…

The Army of Satan

The wise person is he who studies his enemies’ strategies and takes the precautions and measures to defeat them….

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