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As we live in an era where the Quran is neglected, the sunnah is abandoned, the innovations are glorified, and with the death of righteous scholars that created widespread ignorance, with misunderstandings and fitna, we made this website to collect and distribute authentic, important and essential Islamic contents that this ummah is in need of today. We are not uploading each and every content from all publishers without discretion, but only content that we feel that is must for the time we live in. We should also keep in mind that the publishing company’s income is based on the original content that we purchase from them. This website is made for those who can’t afford it, but want to know, learn, and understand this heavenly knowledge. The knowledge of Allah isn’t something that should be only available to those who have money, while on other side the misguidance of the Devil is widespread and available for free. We Ask Allah to revive His religion again and to raise the honour the Muslimeen, Ameen. Please buy and support the publisher as it is the only source that will help these beneficial publishers to run their company successfully and create more blessed content.

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All media available on this web site can be redistributed without any permission. The copyrights of original sources will still apply. Every effort is made to explicitly mention the source of information presented on this website, if there is any copyrights violation found please feel free to contact us with evidence, the material will be removed from site immediately, in sha Allah.

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