Foundations of Islam Series: The Concept of Ihsan – Session 4

Foundations of Islam Series by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
The Only Way of Life
Foundations of Islam Series: The Concept of Ihsan - Session 4

One of the most popular and effective series for teaching the basics about Islam. These lectures are meant to provide a comprehensive overview of the religion and world of Islam for non / new-Muslims. The classroom style presentation covers five main areas: the Holy Qur’an, basic practices, core beliefs, spirituality and the end of time.

Hamza Yusuf, a European-American convert fluent in Arabic and gifted with a vast knowledge of Islam, presents the material in a style that is unique to most of his other lectures since he is speaking to non-Muslim academics. Although he focuses on the basic teachings, his deeper exploration of the subject results in a series which any non-Muslim, new Muslim or life-long Muslim can appreciate and benefit from. These lectures are essential for any person or organization seeking to educate others about the true teachings of Islam.

This audio lecture is a complete series of 5 lectures entitled “Foundations of Islam”.

  1. How the Qur’an Was Revealed and Compiled
  2. Pillars of Practice
  3. Articles of Faith 
  4. The Concept of Ihsan
  5. Signs of the Last Day

This lecture series also available in classroom style video format

  5 out of 1 stars

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