Jesus the Messiah by Dr. Abdullah al-Bader al-Qenaei

Jesus, the Messiah

Islam regards Jesus the Messiah to be one of the pious men who walked on earth. The Islamic teachings honor this mighty messenger of Allah and the Muslims have not fallen short over the past fourteen centuries in doing the same.

  • believing in the Prophethood of Jesus and his miracles is a fundamental aspect of the Muslim faith?
  • Jesus’ name is mentioned 25 times in the Glorious Qur’an?
  • Mary is one of the most revered women in Islam?
  • Muslims name their children after Jesus due to their love and respect for him?
  • Muslims await the second coming of Jesus at the end of time to bring justice and peace to the world?
  1. Prophethood: To convey the divine message
  2. The Virgin Mary
  3. The status of Jesus in Islam
  4. Frequently asked questions about God, the Bible and Jesus
  5. A journey into Islam

Jesus, the Messiah

What Does Islam Say about Him?

Jesus. the Messiah-audiobook
The Only Way of Life
Jesus, the Messiah

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