From Islam to Atheism then Back to Islam

For anyone who has children or is attempting to follow Islam in this day and age, this is a very powerful video and message.

This Shaykh wasn’t born a Shaykh, he went through a long journey towards change and enlightenment. The challenges and thought process that he describes is hidden within the majority of Muslims today, but we do not voice it or recognize it in our children. We are going through a crisis as an Ummah that is not easy to diagnose or treat, because these are convincing and invigorating ideas that we are willingly inviting into the confines of our very own homes, our sanctuaries. Islam has become a culture to many of us and we seem to be holding on until we find a more suitable rope, Subhan’Allah.

If you care about your Iman and the Iman of your children, then please watch this with an open heart and mind, Insha’Allah.

Your one click can bring someone closer to Allah – Spread the message*, share now with your family and friends, Insha’Allah

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