The Purpose of Life in an Hour and a Half

The Purpose of Life in an Hour and a Half

This hour and half will be the best that you could invest for the betterment of your intellect and faith. This does not just speak about the purpose of life itself; it speaks about the purpose of Islam, the purpose of the Quran and the Purpose of our desire to seek the truth and redemption. This is a beautiful guide for sincere seekers of Truth!

Shaikh Hamza Yusuf on his Sandala blog wrote eloquently about this lecture and what it should mean for a Muslim. He writes:

“After listening to his lecture, I have to conclude that Dr. Lang is bold, honest, a truly brilliant and original thinker, and, in reality, a proof of the Qur’an. Let me explain this last statement: while on the one hand, the Qur’an needs no proof, on the other, one of its greatest proofs is that if you do what the Qur’an challenges you to do – to reflect on it deeply – you will arrive at the conclusion that it could not be from other than God.”

Please do take the time to listen and to reflect deeply on what is presented. Shaikh Hamza Yusuf ends this entry by saying:

“I really believe there are some original insights here worth considering, especially for those struggling with their faith or lack thereof. I hope you will give it a listen. If you do and are tempted to turn it off after a few minutes, you might consider asking yourself how is it that we can so easily get lost in a two-hour film that demands nothing of our intellects and not listen to a former Christian-turned-atheist Ph.D. in mathematics explain how the Qur’an convinced him it was revealed by his Creator.”

 Definitely a something to consider…

The Purpose of Life in an Hour and a Half - Podcast
The Only Way of Life
The Purpose of Life in an Hour and a Half

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