Omar Series (e21 to e30) in Urdu / Hindi Language (Dubbed)

’’عمر ِفاروق ؓ‘‘ یا ’’عمر ؓ سیریز ‘‘دراصل ایک تاریخی ڈرامہ سیریز ہے جس میں حضرت عمر ؓکی مبارک زندگی، عرب (مکہ)میں اسلام کی ابتداء سے لے کر مدینہ طیبہ میں اسلامی ریاست قائم ہونے تک اور پھر حضرت ابوبکر صدیق ؓ اور حضرت عمر ؓکے دور خلافت کو فلمایا گیا ہے لیکن اصلاًحضرت عمرفاروقؓ کی مبارک زندگی اور مبارک دور خلافت کو دکھانا مقصود ہے تاکہ مسلمان اپنے دین اور ورثے سے آگاہی حاصل کریں اور یوں اپنا شاندار ماضی دیکھ کر مستقبل کی تعمیر میں لگ جائیں۔

The historical drama, “Omar”, tells the story of Omar Ibn al-Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him), a close companion of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and influential ruler who oversaw the radical expansion of the Islamic empire in the 7th century.

If you have read “The Sealed Nectar” (The Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW) or have listened to the lecture series on The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)you will enjoy watching this series, as it helps in visualizing the time, place and events that led to the rise of one of the greatest empires the world has seen.

This stunning 30-episode series explicitly showcases the path of “Al-Farooq” and the values of equality, good governance, justice, tolerance, wisdom, compassion and leadership that made him one of the most revered men in our tradition.

Copyrights: This is for promotional purposes and for those that may not have the facilities, so that they can watch something wholesome and good, instead of the questionable media that is easily available all over the internet these days. Please buy and support the publisher as it is the only source that will help these beneficial publishers to run their company successfully and create more blessed content.

  5 out of 2 stars

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