The Most Iconic TV/Movies – Subliminal Messages

In many homes, especially today, it is this media that is raising and rearing children and has a direct impact on the adults they will become. To think otherwise is naïve and quite honestly irresponsible. Why is it that our children are so addicted to these characters and games? Why is that they know them better and love them more than Allah and His Prophet (SAW)?

Not convinced? We should truly study our children and the children around us to see how these seemingly wholesome programs and films deceive us. There is a definite agenda to their existence and it has everything to do with the mass manipulation, control and blatant grooming of these young impressionable minds whose voices, nature, and innocence are being robbed and taken advantage of by the powers that be. Yet, not only are we oblivious to this sinister plan, we actually help it come to fruition by encouraging our children to not only watch this “entertainment”, but push them to replicate it and feed their obsessive behavior until they live and breath it. We must come to recognize this deception and eliminate it from the hearts and minds of our children by guiding them towards Truth and repelling this exploitation, so that they can grow up to be freethinking, grounded individuals who know who they are and remain true to their identities, Insha’Allah.

  5 out of 1 stars

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